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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 6, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> heavy rain from hurricane tomas batters west of haiti with more expected to fall. another devastating eruptions in indonesia. the death toll was more than 120. america -- barack obama had to india at the beginning of a 10- day tour. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcasting around the world. a farewell to the royal navy's flagship. going the distance. after more than two months underground, a chilean miners are taking manhattan by storm.
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hello. heavy rain from hurricane tomas has battered western haiti, causing flooding. forecasters are warning that up to 25 centimeters of rainfall, there could be more damage in the next few hours. there is a danger that mudslides and further flooding could worsen the current cholera epidemic. our correspondent chris for -- reports on the situation from port-au-prince. >> the presidential palace in port-au-prince, a symbol of the year quick's destruction. destruction.uake's this is the aftermath of haiti's
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latest challenge. after a night of heavy rainfall, there was flooding. we found a family of 13 sheltering from the rain. could incubate cholera, spreading fears in the capital. it made for a miserable, rainy, monday night in the camps. it underlined the fact that people are still living in crowded conditions. thousands more in port-au-prince still live in their homes. people have been dreading the hurricane. they have no protection.
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one man lived here before the earthquake and slept through the wind and rain with his family. it was not as bad as he feared, he said. west of port-au-prince, this is the scene. in a town already flattened by the earthquake, people have been made homeless once again by a natural disaster. >> there is flooding. the river is over the banks. evacuation is going on. there is flooding of the southwest coast. the prisoners have been moved from the prison. the hospital has been evacuate. >> hurricane tomas did not match the destruction wrought by the earthquake. they will struggle to rebuild and it is as difficult as ever. bbc news. >> we were told how difficult
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the situation is becoming. >> we report earlier that there has been flooding in the major centers of port-au-prince, to the south, certainly, and to the north, as well. the coast is very flooded. i am hearing reports of 1 meter of water. the rain keeps coming. >> you are fearful that more rain is on its way, which might cause mudslides. tell us about the fear of that and how real that might be. >> it certainly -- yes. the rain will continue. the fear is more flooding, and because of flooding, we will have a considerable impact on the greatly displaced people. most people have been living in
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temporary shelters since the earthquake. those people are most vulnerable to the weather impacts such as this. we have the battle against cholera, which emerged in the last three weeks or so. the concern is that conditions such as this are not only conducive to spreading the disease, but make tackling the disease that much more difficult. >> it is shocking, of course, to realize that they are still living in tents. we can see pictures. all of the flooding is going on. you mentioned cholera. the country is living right on the edge. >> yes. it is a country that certainly did not need another disaster like hurricane tomas. our concern is that these are the most vulnerable people, the
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children and young mothers. our concern in flooded areas as we can certainly address the need to protect the separated children, to ensure they are reunited with families, and taken care of. >> that was douglas from unicef. in indonesia, the devastation from the volcano continues to spread. 14 houses were trapped in the past. the death toll stands at more than 120 since the eruptions began. even scientists have been told to evacuate. alice is on the line from djakarta. let's talk to her now about the latest situation. perhaps you can bring us up-to- date with what has taken place. >> since last night, there have been a number of small eruptions that are not life-
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threatening, according to the experts, but rescue workers are telling local media that they can see lava coming down the slopes of the mountain. this morning, residents in the area were saying that they heard tremors from the mountain. the focus of the rescue workers is to keep people out of the villages that have been evacuate. a number of people have actually gone back to their homes this morning. they are now being evacuate it by rescue workers. also, the airport closer to the area is just reopening now after being shut down all day on thursday -- on friday, rather, as the runway was covered in ash. some of the flight of over the been cancelled. >> it is a double blow for the island, isn't it?
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the villagers must have been particularly shocked that it blew again. is that right? >> that is true. scientists are actually saying that these latest eruptions on friday morning were really -- have really baffled them. after the deadly first eruption last week, there were a few small outbursts. they were thinking that the volcano was possibly calming down. the volcanic activities have increased in the past three days. now there is no telling whether the worst is past. >> in terms of how people cope now and what is needed in terms of getting them back to normal life, what is the situation? how much is all that going to cost? >> there is now well over 100,000 people that are estimated to have been evacuate. that is people living within the radius from the crater that was
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designated as the danger zone by the government. they are living in some football stadiums, schools, and government buildings. rescue workers are saying that there are some basic supplies barely available. they are very much in need of a lot supplies. the president had flown to the area last night and said he will be there for a few days to make sure conditions can be improved swiftly. >> many thanks for being with us. at least 59 people have been killed in attacks at mosques in the northwest of pakistan. in the first attack, a suicide bomber blew himself up. people were saying prayers in the mosque. the militant group al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has said it sent the two parcel bombs on
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cargo planes last week. it was reported that the militant group also said it caused the crash in dubai in september. united arab emirates officials said the crash was not caused by an explosion. in cuba, air crash investigators have found the black box from the faded airline plane -- fated airline plane. the crew declared an emergency and lost contact with the tower. a leader of one of mexico's drug cartels has been shot dead by security forces in the border of the united states. ezequiel cardenas guillen was known as tony tormenta. his brother was extradited to
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the united states. president barack obama is on a trip to asia to create u.s. jobs. it comes three days after voters punished his democrats for not fixing unemployment. this is his first trip to india. it is the world's largest democracy. india's relationship with america mattress. our correspondent reports. >> the president is coming to town. barack obama or arrived here at a busy time. it is diwali, the festival of lights. india is excited. he might be unpopular back home, but over here, they retain the field. >> it is a great thing. we like barack obama. >> it is a strategic location.
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[unintelligible] >> been american friends, they're making their presence felt. india will soon become the world's third largest economy. it is a good time to cash in, especially as upwardly mobile indians showing increasing fondness for anything american. >> india is not an easy place to do business for most american companies. there are challenges. as you look at the indian consumer who wants american brands, you look at the indian population who has a favorable attitude toward the united states, it is natural that the two largest democracies that have strong bonds would want to trade more and more with each other. >> it is not just the economy.
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india has become a significant regional player. there was a time when india was not much of a priority for an american president. all of that is now changed. indians are pleased that barack obama is coming here two years into his presidency. he is bogged down by domestic politics, but many here think there's a lot for them to talk about. the u.s. is competing with britain and france to sell the combat aircraft. the americans do more joint exercises with the indian military than they do with anyone else. there is a feeling that washington -- the people here have mixed feelings on the issue. >> they're fighting the good fight on behalf of americans, only to find that the u.s. reaches out and strike a deal with china. >> india has become the
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destination of choice for the world. are leader's bbc news. >> a qantas heading to sydney was forced to return to singapore because the problem with its engine. the same airline grounded the a fleet following an engine failure. our correspondent reports. >> this is the kind of plane that was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing. the pilot became aware of a so far unspecified fault with one of the rolls royce engines. qantas has made it clear the fault was not serious, but the pilot sought clearance to return
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to singapore. it began its journey in frankfurt. in itself, this may not have been regarded as a significant event. it is believed there was one other engine alert upon leaving singapore. investigations are continuing. there is a possible mechanical failure involving the road is roy -- rolls-royce engine. qantas was taking no chances. airlines are carrying out checks and watching the progress of investigations in singapore and sydney closely. bbc news. >> let me bring you up-to-date with headlines. heavy rains from hurricane tomas battered western haiti with more expected to fall. another devastating eruption in indonesia. the death toll now stands at more than 120.
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the former british immigration minister has been suspended from the labor party after court rulings stripped him of his parliament seat. a rerun was ordered for the general campaign. >> i do hereby declare he is duly elected to the constituency of the metropolitan council. >> a victory for him on election night by just 103 votes. two judges decided he lied about his opponents in election leaflets. the election court heard how his campaign team set out to make people angry by accusing and opponent of pandering to muslims. they also accused him of having
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his campaign partly funded by a rich arab. the court said he should be barred for three years. >> you heard in the court this afternoon that we are applying for a judicial review of this decision. we will be doing that as soon as we leave this building. >> he was the immigration minister in the last government. >> we are all agreed that we should be able to help in the formation of new guidelines. that will be wonderful. >> he survived that humiliation, but his political career books to be over tonight after the labour party abandoned him. >> he has been suspended from the party. >> he has come severely
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unstuck. i was pleased for politics and for the rule of law that the judges were so clear in saying that is unacceptable. >> the voters will go to the polls again to elect a new mp. bbc news. >> several passengers have been hurt after a laurie fell from a road bridge on a london-bound train. 36 people were on board the train. the driver is thought to be hurt. the lorry crashed through a brick wall. investigators are at the scene. a strike by members of the national union of journalists have been disrupting bbc news programs.
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they're facing a 48-hour stoppage. the controversial muslim cleric has won his appeal against the british government's attempt to remove his u.k. passport. he was arguing that such a move would be detrimental, as he has already been stripped of the egyptian citizenship. >> he earned notoriety for his sermons. he was a radical preacher at a london mosque. in 2006, he was jailed for seven years for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred. his sentence will soon be over. he wanted to be able to -- they wanted to be able to decourt him.
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he became a purchase -- british citizen. he had already been stripped of his egyptian nationality and removing his british passport would leave him stateless. a commission said they were satisfied that if he were to be deprived of citizenship, he would be made stateless. he is facing extradition to the u.s., accused of setting up terror camps in oregon and involvement in plot in yemen that ended in the deaths of tourists. he thinks that british citizenship should be a privilege. bbc news. >> thousand will be lining up in new york on sunday to run in the annual marathon.
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it is really remarkable. one month ago, one man was trapped underground in chile. >> the first time i walked into a mine, i wanted to turn around and get out. >> three weeks ago, he was trapped miner. now he is a darling. >> a lot of people feel the same way about appearing on the show. >> the transformation surely inevitable once his exercise routine came to light. in the stifling heat, he ran for hours along pitch black tunnels. it looked like pennants, and it was. he says he was participating in his own salvation. >> i would think, i can outrun
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you. i will run until you are tired and bored of me. i did it. >> the new york city marathon organizers have invited him to watch the race. he wanted to run. he is nervous, but after weeks of running solo, he would like to keep up with the pack. >> i would like the press to promise you will not rip me apart in your stories if i cannot stand the pain in my knee. >> now that he has turned his back on the desert, i surely, his elvis act would pact -- would pack the house in vegas. ♪ bbc news, washington. >> queen elizabeth has said
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farewell to the royal navy ship. the aircraft carrier in its 25th year has been taken out of service following the cuts in the strategic defense review announced last month. our correspondent reports. ♪ >> she is the flag ship of the royal navy. through its four predecessors, it can be traced back to the spanish armada. after 25 years of service, one of the two britain and aircraft carriers will be withdrawn from service, either to be sold to another navy or to be broken up for scrap. the government's decision to decommission it is a matter of regret. >> known a person like to see a ship decommissioned. we are very sad. it is being decommissioned three
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years early. it will make way for the new aircraft carriers. the sun sets on its 25 years of loyal service. the sun rises on a new generation of aircraft carriers for the royal navy. >> the official reason for the queen pose a visit was to celebrate the ship's 25 years of service. everyone knew this was the mauna's farewell to the most famous ship. it is making way for a royal navy that will not have any aircraft for its carriers for the next few years. britain will share its carrier capacity with france. what does the queen think of the cuts that are being made to the royal navy? that we will never know. one can hardly imagine that she is pleased. bbc news.
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>> thousands of catholic pilgrims are expected to join pope benedict on saturday, where the pontiff is due to celebrate a mass. 200,000 people are expected to attend the mass at the cathedral, where catholics believe st. james's buried. this is bbc news. parts of haiti are facing severe flooding after hurricane tomas swept through the country. the haitian president told people the authorities are managing two catastrophes, first of the hurricane, and the second one we can tolerate. in indonesia, the devastation from the eruption of the volcano continues to spread. the death toll stands at more than 120 since the eruptions began. even scientists have been told to evacuate. at least 59 people were killed in attacks from two mosques in
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northwest pakistan. there we are. that is our world news. thanks for being with us. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible
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